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The Fairyland Guorui Villa is located far from the dense city center in the new Beijing Miyun Industrial Park. The architects took advantage of the spacious site to embed public spaces within and around each building, surrounding the complex with lush greenery. While the sculptural villas evoke individuality, the use of shared public space and similar sculptural facades and material palettes create a distinct sense of community.

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“The facades of the villas are designed to create a strong inside/outside condition and employ different ‘sets’ of integrated features, including balconies, bay windows, canopies or terraces and roof-top gardens,” write the architects. “Various arrangements of these features are applied to create different types of villas across the compound, enabling variety and preserving the sense of uniqueness through the organization of geometric elements.” Following Chinese culture, the villas are built for multigenerational living and offer a variety of rooms suitable for family members of all ages.

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Images via UNStudio, © Edmon Leong