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Spanning over 5 million square feet, UNStudio‘s Yongjia World Trade Center consists of a series of multi-use buildings that serve as vertical neighborhoods. Each building provides all of the essentials for daily life – including work spaces. The soaring towers feature overlapping sections that create communal areas like sky gardens, lounges and gathering places for employees and residents. The towers also give workers and residents stellar views of the river and downtown Wenzhou.

The luxury residential towers occupy the north end of the complex, and a hotel for tourists and financial dignitaries is located in the south. Both residents and the public can enjoy the sprawling lawns and elevated gardens, which provide much-needed park space for the city while naturally cooling the area. The jewel-like glass towers sparkle on the landscape, which was designed to resemble a set of precious objects on a green tray.

+ UNStudio

Via World Architecture News