Dutch architect Anja Verdonk juxtaposes the oldest forms of printed text with high-tech lighting technology in her LED ‘Booklight” hanging lamps. Ranging from classic novels, to comic books and sheet music, Verdonk gives the flat paper new life in twirling and winding forms. A finalist in our Bright Ideas Design Competition, we love that the lamp inspires material reuse in addition to allowing viewers delight in trying to decipher the origin of the delicate shades.


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Not only are the Booklights a treat for the eye, but they are worry free when it comes to safety. The twisted, sliced paper technique used to form the shade gives each lamp a unique and lively character — perhaps these could even be reminiscent of the paper lamps of master light artist Ingo Maurer — and because the shade encased a cool-to-the-touch LED bulb, there is no fear that it will cause fire hazard.

Verdonk is the owner of Ginkgo Studio, where she crafts vertical gardens, and other eco-products also available via her Etsy store.

Booklight is a finalist in the Bright Ideas competition, which honors excellence in sustainable lighting design. You can see all of the finalist entries here!

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