We tend to run through umbrella’s pretty quickly in New York and there isn’t much to be done with them when they die. But Taryn Zychal, a Philidelphia-based industrial designer, is taking broken-down umbrellas and making raincoats for dogs out of them. These super cute coats are made from stripped-down umbrellas, scraps of fabric, thrift store buttons, and contrasting stitching. Taryn’s pugs, Betty and Hurley, love their cozy raincoats, which are both stylish and functional. Her submission to our DIY Spring Greening competition is inspiring and fun, and you should vote on it now.


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If you’re interested in purchasing an upcycled umbrella rain coat for your pup, Taryn will be launching an Etsy store this Earth Day, and she plans to donate a percentage of all profits to the Humane Society of the United States.

+ Taryn Zychal