The Jakob Park Stadium, home of FC Basel, in Switzerland is getting a sustainable facelift to extend its use after 20 years. The stadium was originally designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Updates to the architecture hope to provide better hospitality to visitors by optimizing security and access to the facility so it can remain open even on days when there is no game.

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Aerial view of the new updates to the stadium

Firstly, the iconic facade will be upgraded with a sweeping new roof. The upgrade will give the stadium a unified new appearance while broadcasting events outside of the stadium.

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Eye-level view of the new updates including a new facade

To welcome the community, the stadium will be updated from its current 35,600-seat design to become a meeting place for fans. The perimeter will be redesigned with a terraced exterior to optimize visitor traffic flow. Security barriers will also be minimized and streamlined to make the stadium more accessible.

Red and blue colors of the building with arched roof

The original designers, Herzog & de Meuron, proposed a photovoltaic shell for the entire building. Meanwhile, new lattice girders will connect to the existing building from the roof and cantilever over new platforms built out from the original building. The building is shaped like a diamond in red and blue for the team colors of FC Basel. Further, the photovoltaic cells create the Basel landscape, including the roofs of the town and cathedral. This dynamic new facade can be used as a broadcast screen for events in progress.

Empty stadium with a large playing field

The shell generates energy for the building’s use, and its components can be disassembled and reused for other purposes later on. The solar roof uses minimal materials and also collects rainwater to irrigate the playing field.

Rendering of a filled stadium with players

The designers say the facility belongs to the fans so they created a new set of homey, comfortable hospitality features to make visitors feel more welcome.

We love the combination of hospitality, sustainability and technology that work together to create a more usable facility.

+ Herzog & de Meuron

Images via Herzog & de Meuron