Setting up a wind turbine can be a complicated task, and once one has determined its placement, employed a team to install it and connected it to a grid, you’re left with a large permanent structure that can’t be further customized. San Diego-based Uprise Energy has designed an inventive alternative. Their new wind turbine allows users to pack the whole power-generating device into a shipping container and drive wherever the wind takes them. Watch a video of the turbine in action after the jump!

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The new 50kW wind turbine, currently being developed by Uprise, can be set up in a couple of hours by a single person. Upon installation, it can be connected to a local grid and set up to produce hydrogen or store electricity. With its intelligent system that senses the direction of optimal air currents, the turbine can rotate up to 360 degrees to face the wind and adjust its blade pitch and speed for optimal capture. J

ust in case if the wind gets too strong, the automatic prevention system parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid damage. According to Uprise, the design will integrate over 40 innovations in their Energy Consumption System and present a competitive method for converting wind energy into electricity.

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