For some winter sports fanatics, sitting on a chairlift is wasted time that could be better spent dominating the slopes. A team of designers in Colorado have invented the UpSki to offer skiers a fun and exciting new way to get to the top of the mountain. Sourced and assembled in the United States, the parachute harnesses the wind to take skiiers and snowboarders to the pinnacle of their favorite runs.

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The UpSki is composed of a 194 square foot lightweight chute connected to a specially designed harness. The entire contraptions weighs a little under ten pounds, so it can fit easily inside a backpack. The UpSki is designed to keep the user in contact with the snow and it can be deflated instantly. The harness connects to lines that steer the chute, and an emergency release helps to avoid accidents.

The fabric for the UpSki is sourced within the US and it’s fully assembled in Carbondale, Colorado. The UpSki recently launched on Kickstarter, and donations will net you UpSki trials, t-shirts, and bicycle gear. While the equipment is best suited for areas with less traffic than the average ski resort, the UpSki has the potential to usher in a whole new dimension to winter thrill-seeking.

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Via the Daily Mail