In commuter terms, the “last mile” refers to the challenges of getting people from their homes and places of business to a given transit hub and back again, and it’s a major consideration in efforts to encourage more widespread use of public transit. It’s with this in mind that Grant Delgatty developed the URB-E, a small electric scooter that folds up neatly to be carried on a train or bus, before being quickly deployed to carry riders that ‘last mile’ home.

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The URB-E travels at a top speed of 15mph, and will travel 20 miles on a given charge—fast enough and far enough for most short trips and at 27lbs and 16″x16″x 36″ when folded, it can easily fit on a crowded bus or subway. For added convenience, it can charge from any regular outlet (say in a rider’s place of work/study or a coffee shop), and even includes a USB set up to charge your smartphone as you ride. And for a little added flair, you can customize the bike with your own color scheme. It also doesn’t hurt that the scooter is crafted from recycled aircraft aluminum.

It’s quite probably the lightest, most portable electric scooter we’ve seen (and almost half the weight of the MOVEO. While it appears (and may well be) perfectly designed for urban commuters stateside, the developers are also looking to markets further afield. Collaborator Mateo Neri explained to Fast Co.Exist that the city of Tianjin, in China, which is aiming to be 100 percent sustainable, has shown an interest in the bike.

This ties into further aspects of the company’s drive for sustainability. They aim for all URB-Es to be manufactured local to their market as part of their plan to “build a sustainable company that goes beyond the fact that this is an electric product. We’re using sustainable materials and building a product that’s not going to be thrown away in a year or two, but that will last,” as Neri explained to Co.Exist.

The URB-E is launching today with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo; find out more here.


Via Fast Co.Exist