As part of a new series called Paid in Full, Colossal teamed up with the online t-shirt store Threadless to promote the creation of new art and tell the stories of amazing creatives working today. Their first installment features Minneapolis-based urban artist HoTTea (real name Eric Rieger), who creates non-destructive street art installations with miles and miles of yarn. Rieger’s latest installation is called Optimist, and it transforms an abandoned tennis court into a colorful inner-city attraction.

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Eric discovered that he could create street art in a non-destructive way after he was arrested for his graffiti and had to find another way to express his passion. While his work doesn’t carry any prescribed meaning, he aims to infuse beauty and character into environments where it didn’t exist before. City officials and local community members in Minneapolis were so impressed with the rejuvenated tennis court that they have begun locking the gates at night to protect the artwork. To see the amount of time and effort that went into Optimist, be sure to watch the video below!

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Via Colossal

Images by Sean Dorgan