We recently showcased Mario Caceres and Christian Canonico’s TREEPODS concept, which sought to sow hundreds of air-cleaning artificial trees through the streets of Boston. Designer Anthony DiMari has conceived of another impressive entry – a piezoelectric field of artificial trees that is able to collect rainwater and generate electricity. Dubbed URBAN FIELD, the project is a finalist in the SHIFTboston contest to create a synthetic tree that yields all the benefits of Mother Nature without requiring water and soil.

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DiMari’s URBAN FIELD absorbs water from rainfall and the natural water table to irrigate the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Landscape. The structures also collects wind energy, which powers L.E.D. lights within that glow at night. The grid is not random, but arranged to take advantage of the intensity of the wind currents that come off the harbor. Much like a tree, the field is used to take advantage of solar energy and water resources.

URBAN FIELD is designed to utilize the given sources of energy to their full potential, maximizing what is already there. The grid is completely changeable and adjustable to coincide with changing wind conditions as well, and creates an interactive park space for visitors to engage with.

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