Leading renewable energy provider Urban Green Energy (UGE) just announced their latest cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbine, the VisionAIR3. The result of more than a year of testing and research, the new turbine reportedly offers “greater durability and increased efficiency” compared to the prior model.

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UGE has essentially re-imagined a whole new series of vertical axis wind turbines, including the VisionAIR5 released last year. It is hoped that the VisionAIR3 turbine will be used to feed energy into the grid, as well as operate independently or be used in conjunction with solar, energy storage and smart grid solutions.

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“VisionAIR3 is our latest achievement as a leader in distributed renewable energy. We take pride not only in our solutions-focused approach to renewable energy, but also in advancing the industry with new research and innovative products,” said Jamie Myers, Business Development Manager at UGE. “As we continue to address the energy challenges faced around the world, VisionAIR3 will be a vital piece of the puzzle for creating the best systems and addressing our customers’ needs.”

“Energy security and climate change are both increasingly critical issues around the world. Businesses and geographical areas that face unstable grids frequently must use expensive, wasteful generators to keep the power on,” said VP of Engineering Scott Van Pelt. “Vertical axis wind turbines like the VisionAIR3 can reduce or even eliminate these inefficiencies, harnessing the wind’s energy to reduce emissions and high costs.”

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Blades manufactured using UGE’s advanced Vacuum Infusion Process method makes the VisionAIR3 particularly unique. This is currently the highest standard available in the industry and ensures higher fidelity to design and consistency, as well as faster production times.