Ilan Dei Studio just released a woodsy set of indoor furnishings called the Urban Log Collection.  Inspired by the logs they found lying near their Venice Beach studio, the new furniture line uses themes of “urban renewal” to bring new life to chopped-down trees that would otherwise become firewood. As in nature, each piece has its own unique qualities, although the finished logs are cohesively tied together by three independent industrial elements: safety-orange tube, orange colored upholstery and a smoky copper-tinted mirror. 

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Ilan Dei Studio interiors focus on soothing the over-crowed and over-stimulated mind.  Their designs are stripped of excesses to promote one strong clear message encouraging powerful emotion.  This Venice, CA design studio created the A.N.T. Gallery as a forum for discourse between art, nature and technology.  Ilan Dei studios coordinate this dynamic dialog with the design of their interiors and products.  By bringing together reclaimed woods and concepts of “urban renewal” yet still keeping true to a simple and clean form, Ilan Dei studio’s designs become a place for the discussion of what they self-indentify as “lush modernism.” 

It’s expected that each future series of Urban Logs will continue to change species, since there is such a great plethora of tree species in the Los Angeles area.  This design may actually bring a new sullen joy to California’s yearly unfortunate forest fires.

+ Ilan Dei Studio