German bike maker Urwahn has received the German Sustainability Award 2022, Europe’s biggest award for social and ecological commitment to helping the planet, for its E-Bike Platzhirsch. The Platzhirsch is a 3D-printed steel electric bike with a gorgeous matte frame. The award honors groundbreaking contributions toward a sustainable future and boosts Urwahn’s efforts to create fair conditions for people and the environment.

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A person riding a bike down the street.

The jury for the German Sustainability Award is comprised of leaders in the fields of design and sustainability. The E-Bike Platzhirsch was given the award this year for its steel frame, which is featured on all Urwahn bikes. The idea is that steel provides longevity as it can be repaired and recycled better than carbon or aluminum, thus reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

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The E-Bike Platzhirsch has 250 watts of power, producing 40 Nm torque and up to 25 km/h support from the electric motor. This produces a range of 208 Wh, making it a great urban commuter bike. All cables are routed inside the frame, giving it a sleek and modern look.

A person riding a bike down the street.

Urwahn runs short production cycles and focuses on regional sales to further reduce production waste and extra carbon from shipping. Every Urwahn e-bike is created according to the principles of lean production, on-demand, and just-in-time.

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CEO and Urwahn founder Sebastian Meinecke explained, “Sustainability plays a central role for us and goes far beyond production. People are always at the center of everything we do. For this reason, we have conspired to ultra individualization in order to be able to consider the needs for design, function and safety on a whole level. In addition, we pay all people involved in the value creation fairly, pay attention to regulated working hours and preserve health protection.”

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