Traditionally, people visit the US Space and Rocket Center to view the massive Saturn V booster rockets and the Space Shuttle. But there’s now a new attraction, and one that has set a Guinness World Record. The center now boasts a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture made from 160,000 K’NEX pieces, which stands over 12 feet tall!

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The sculpture, affectionately named K’REX, was built by Space Camp crew trainers led by Wesley Smalls and Jarrad Bedwell. They built the sculpture to replicate the recast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that had previously been featured in the center’s summer exhibit, “A T-REX named Sue.”

“They used no blueprints or plans, no glue, just K’NEX,” said Dr. Deborah Barnhart, the center’s CEO and executive director. The whole sculpture is made entirely from 160,000 K’NEX pieces and stands an impressive 12.46 feet high. It is 33.76 feet long and 5.93 feet wide and weighs 10 pounds. The K’REX also has the distinction of being the “World’s Largest K’NEX Sculpture” and was even issued an official certificate by Guinness on June 24, 2012. K’REX is currently on display in the lobby of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s gift shop.


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Images: K’NEX Facebook Page and misswhoeveryouare