As more electrified vehicles hit the road, critics consistently wonder what we will do with all of the used battery packs that power these cars. Well, Toyota demonstrates how old nickel-metal hydride battery packs from the Camry Hybrid can be re-used — by powering five buildings at Yellowstone National Park.

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Used Toyota Camry hybrid batteries will soon power the Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus in Yellowstone National Park. The stationary distributed energy system is expected to go online this fall and will feature 208 used battery packs with a total storage capacity of 95 kWh, which is more than enough energy to power five buildings. Solar panels and onsite micro-hydro turbine systems will generate the renewable electricity stored within the battery packs, creating a sustainable, off-the-grid power source. In addition to the batteries, Toyota also recently donated a RAV4 to the park.

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Toyota says that applications like the one at Yellowstone National Park will double the life span of hybrid batteries. Toyota is currently testing a similar project to help power the operations at its plant in Alabama and dealers in Japan have been using used hybrid battery packs for power storage since 2013.

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