The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) is on a mission to transform regular billboards into structures that tackle environmental issues. Following the success of their billboard that converts humidity into drinkable water, the team has developed pollution-fighting billboards that can purify 100,000 cubic meters of air every day!

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UTEC’s new billboard design can purify 100,000 cubic meters of air every day and substitutes polluted air with fresh air. The first billboard has been installed in a notoriously polluted area in Lima, where particles from traffic and construction give the city one of the worst levels of air pollution in South America. According to the data collected during one week in March, the structure purified nearly 500,000 cubic meters of air.

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The technology relies on the use of water, which filters bacteria and particles. These harmful elements are then used to analyze air pollution.

Proving once again that billboards can be more than roadside attractions and marketing tools, UTEC developed a technology that tackles some of the most pressing global issues-air pollution and shortage of drinkable water. Their project demonstrates that billboards and public signage can play a vital role in battling the consequences of climate change and environmental destruction and can be transformed into a new type of physical infrastructure.

+ University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC)

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