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The visionary 2,230-foot-tall mixed-use Cloud Citizen proposal was created in response to the competition brief for a 170-hectare financial city district that would move the Shenzhen Bay Ring area from that of a production-oriented city to a high-tech green hub rivaling Canary Wharf London and the Presnensky District in Moscow. In place of traditional high rises, the architects created a singular interconnected mega structure that boasts a bevy of eco-friendly features, such as rainwater harvesting; production of power from solar, wind, and algae sources; air pollution filtration; carbon sequestration; and habitat for fauna and flora.

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“Cloud Citizen is as much a strategy for how to build future cities capable of giving back more to the environment than they cost, as it is a singular iconographic mega building complex with an identifiable and striking skyline giving character and hope to the vision of a greener future enabled by human enterprise,” write the designers.

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