The Fibonacci sequence occurs frequently in nature – from the structure of a nautilus shell to the scales of a pine cone or center of a sunflower. Now Italian design studio UTOPIA has created a bamboo Fibonacci Cabinet that allows you to bring the genius of the universe into your home! Inspired by a traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, the system consists of seven separate units that combine to form the Golden Ratio (and a beautiful piece of furniture).

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The aptly-named UTOPIA design studio has harnessed the wisdom of nature to build a modern, elegant cabinet. Constructed from eco-friendly bamboo, the Fibonacci Cabinet takes its dimensions from the Golden Ratio. Each of the seven drawers is a different size that conforms to the mathematical series. They can be removed independently from their partners, letting the owner use the elements individually or as a complete set. Chinese-style legs support the puzzling piece of furniture, and the stand can be separately used to create a table. The Fibonacci Cabinet is available for sale through the company’s website with price provided upon inquiry.

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