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Slide to Overvecht Station, HIK Ontwerpers, slide, train station, green renovation, green transportation

The Overvecht station was originally built in 1995, but had since fallen into disrepair with the concrete crumbling and an unmanned kiosk. ProRail, the railway maintenance company, hired HIK Ontwerpers to redesign the station to improve the safety and usability of the station. The renovation consisted of reworking the circulation, rebuilding the stairs, adding more planting spaces and of course adding the slide.

Dubbed the ‘Transfer Accelerator’ by ProRail, the playful slide is used by adults and children alike to get down the stairs. While some people in the area (see the video below) think that using a slide will make them “fat like Americans,” we think it just makes things more fun. We’re pretty certain that if more stations had slides, more people would take the train. The slide was the last piece of the project, which was completed earlier this summer. Passengers now have a more pleasant station to move through, and in addition to the awesome slide there is also open, terraced courtyard to enjoy.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©HIK Ontwerpers

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