Vaho Trashion gives old PVC advertising banners a second life by transforming them into quirky and colorful recycled bags. This stylish baggage company sources their products by collecting old banners hung up around the streets of Barcelona, demonstrating their committment to sustainability. The reused materials then go through a rigorous process before they are redesigned into durable new satchels and purses.

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Beyond their playful website and fun images, Vaho also has a serious side. The company works with NGO “CEO del Maresme” – an organization that promotes social integration to clean the former banners with vinegar. The materials are then carted off to the production site at La Modelo prison in Barcelona, a series of workshops that collaborate with the Centre for Reintegration Initiatives (CIRE).

Vaho maintains a strict quality control process while working with different social projects to turn the old banners into fashionable bags. They have a huge array of different styles ranging from typical record satchels to cool handbags, so check out their website for the full scope of their collection.

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