Vanmoof’s 10 is a sleek new electrified bike that could make any commute incredibly easy and high tech. The Dutch bike company’s electric-assist city bike features an array of gadgetry like smart sensors, GPS tracking, an onboard computer and of course an electric power-booster. The super smart bike uses Vanmoof’s lightweight frame and has an integrated 209Wh battery system for smooth riding.

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Vanmoof, Vanmoof 10 electrified bike, ebike, electric city bike Made from anodized aluminum, the Electrified looks like your typical stylish city bike. The bike’s front hub houses a 250W electrical motor which can power up to a speedy 37 miles per hour. The battery reaches its full charge in just three hours, making it easy to regain its power while you work.

The electrified bike can be switched into free-peddling mode, riding just like a regular bike, but when the commute gets tough, can employ a little electric help to get you home a little faster. The built in sensors monitor your commute, and adjust the electric power suited to the needs of the ride and terrain. The smart sensors detect when you need a little extra peddle power, and when you’re fine on  your own.

Other perks include an enclosed chain to keep work wear grease-free, a 40 lux LED headlight and tail light, and of course the GPS tracking system which can double as a recovery tool if the sweet bike is stolen. Presale of the bike have already been sold out, but the Vanmoof 10 Electrified will be on the market in April of 2014.

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