Miriam Aust’s “Vase & Leuchte” (Vase and Lamp) neatly combines the concept of a vase and a table lamp. The design is a translucent glass vase which contains water, aquatic plants, and a waterproof light bulb. Reminiscent of an aquarium, the lighted vase creates an atmosphere of freshness and lush marine life. Vase & Leuchte was recently on display at Berlin’s 2011 Designmai exhibition, which was set in the hangars of former Tempelhof airport.

Miriam Aust, Hanna Kruger, sustainable design, green design, green lighting, Vase & Leuchte, gardening, pendant light planter, green products, designmai 2011

Miriam Aust works together with designer Hanna Krüger at Wird-Etwas. Their motto is “Something emerges from something” – in german: “Aus etwas wird etwas“. The designers write: “Everything new that we create as acting people in a certain social context refers to exisiting materials, objects, and ideas of this world….The emerging is always reference to the existing.”

In reference to their motto, the emerging plants inside each lamp are warmed a bit by the lamp’s light and at the same time comfortingly disperse it. The light also highlights the plants’ appearance and their fragile form, which could be a form of commentary on the endangered state of the world’s oceans.

By the way, the “Aus etwas wird etwas” motto emerged from designer Bruno Munari’s italian sentence: “Da cosa nasce cosa” (not to be confused with “Da cosa nasce cosa nostra”….)

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