New York City-based vegan cheese brand RIND announced that its fine vegan cheese will be entering dairy cases at Whole Foods Market in New York City. This announcement marks tremendous growth not only for RIND, but for vegan cheeses at large. Over the years, vegan cheese opinions have been evolving, forcing recognition among even non-vegan consumers.

RIND’s fine vegan cheese is aged in a traditional way without the harmful exploitation of cows. They are cut to order from wheels by Whole Foods cheesemongers. Following increased recognition, the vegan cheese is now expanding to dairy cases in five additional Whole Foods stores in New York City. The stores that will move the cheese to dairy cases are Manhattan West, Columbus Circle, Tribeca, Gowanus and Williamsburg. 

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“We’re thrilled that our aged, French-style vegan cambleu and bleu cheese will soon be available for sale by the pound in six Whole Foods Market NYC locations,” said RIND Cofounder Dina DiCenso in a statement. “Whole Foods Market is known for its highly curated selection of cheeses, and it is an honor to be the first plant-based cheese to be offered in the artisanal cheese cases of these stores.”

Vegan cheeses have come a long way in terms of taste, texture, and appearance. The evolution has earned the once related cheeses an honorable placement in grocery stores. Today, you do not have to visit a specialty store to buy your vegan cheese. As a matter of fact, you will find it right next to your traditional dairy cheese at the local food stores in some places.

RIND Cofounder Joshua Katcher said that the five Whole Foods stores will hold demonstrations through August to promote the arrival of vegan cheeses in their dairy cases. 

 “We’re excited that Whole Foods Market shoppers will have the opportunity to sample our extraordinary cheese during a series of sampling demos throughout the month,” Katcher said “We’re particularly proud of our aged cheese, and we encourage people to stop into a market location to sample it and experience how good plant-based cheeses can be.”

RIND was founded in 2017 by Katcher, a vegan fashion campaigner, and DiCenso, the owner of the vegan shop Gristle Tattoo. The brand first launched in NYC restaurants in 2019 and has thrived in offering dairy-free cheese alternatives. Its products are delicious and have found a huge following over time.

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