The vegan debate is back!
We’ve been covering the vegan fashion tip for awhile now – hoping to convince more environmentalists to go vegan, and more vegans to go green – and it seems the Times has picked up this concern in a recent article about vegan fashion called Uncruel Beauty >

The article is interesting in that it conflates veganism and environmentalism – and in our experience – often these two groups don’t always overlap. In fact, most of the “environmentalists” we know are meat-eaters, which has always seemed a bit odd..

I actually sort of like the fact that the NY Times article conflates the issues, because, in my opinion, these two issues need more conflating. As the agro-industrial meat industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, more people (especially environmentalists) need to realize that veganism is not just about animal cruelty or health – but ultimately about our values and the future of our planet.

+ Uncruel Beauty