Investing in a long product lifespan is one of the most sustainable actions companies and consumers can make. NOIRANCA, a company singularly aimed at this goal, has debuted a line of handbags with a commitment to protecting the environment

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A woman submerged underwater except for her head and arms holding a blue handbag above the water

Quality is the primary objective at NOIRANCA, with the belief that creating a timeless look will keep the bag in circulation longer and out of the landfill for many years to come. Unlike many companies that prime their profits by promoting fast fashion, NOIRANCA challenges customers to buy less and enjoy longer.

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To achieve durable craftsmanship, the company relies on 30 dedicated artisans who work in a family company with 50 years of design experience. NOIRANCA is proud to support small business in a small town, rather than investing in a massive, resource consumptive production facility.

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Each bag is handcrafted in partnership with suppliers that adhere to strict and measurable environmental standards. This includes EU REACH and U.S, CA65 regulations, plus ISO9001 certification.

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“Traceability, transparency, circularity, and positive consumption are central to NOIRANCA,” the company summarized in a press release.

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In alignment with that mission, NOIRANCA ensures all partners are committed to protecting the water from toxic chemicals. The product lineup was inspired by the work of legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and his iconic women collaborators.

A brown handbag against a white background

In fact, the styles and colors of the bags were designed as a statement to these women, full of expression and empowerment. Alice Neel, Amanda Leer, Grace Jones, Patti Smith and Debbie Harry are honored in the five design styles, available in brown, dusty rose, olive and blue.  

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Each bag is made from vegan leather made up of 58% recycled materials for an appealing look without harming animals. From the materials selection through to eco-friendly packaging, NOIRANCA advocates environmental corporate responsibility at every step of the process. 


Images via NOIRANCA