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Is Land, floating island, uk, secret garden party, Sarah Cockings, Laurence Symonds, art

Is Land was produced in the Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud, Gloucestershire through the work of a large group of people contributing to its realization. The project required a significant amount of math, physics and creative DIY to get it aloft. Made from a durable polyurethane, Is Land is 7 meters in diameter and covered in decorative foliage. The floating installation is made to seem like a lush utopia floating just above everyone’s reach.

Unfortunately, a group of festers at the Secret Garden Party decided that it shouldn’t be within anyone’s reach. Early on the last day of the festival, witnesses reported seeing a small group of people in a dingy paddle out to the island and cut all five of the installation’s tethers. Free from its earthly restraints, the island took flight and disappeared. The Is Land team worked with local airports and the UK Civil Aviation Authority in hopes of locating the structure. Based on wind patterns and weather for the following days, the team estimated that Is Land should have landed somewhere in the Czech Republic.

Any information to the whereabouts of the island’s final resting place would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the Is Land team here. The durable polyurethane structure can easily be repaired for use again with the hopes that the team can take Is Land with them to Burning Man in Black Rock City in a month’s time.


Images ©Is Land, Dan Dennison, Danny North, and Nick Caro