Now, people who like to watch animal-focused films will be able to find many choices in one place. A new platform called VegMovies debuted this week, featuring 200 films with strong animal rights, environmental and vegan themes.

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“The launch of VegMovies has been three years in the making,” Jason Schramm, founder of Veg Groups, told VegNews. “There are so many great movies that are animal-oriented or have a vegan focus, but it can be hard to filter through all of the choices. Until now there hasn’t been a single place where all of the movies could be easily found. Somewhere that was constantly updated with the latest objective information on each film and where to watch them.”

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The platform will look familiar to anybody who’s ever pondered the offerings of Netflix or Amazon Prime, trying to choose a film. The screen shows rows of movies divided into categories like animals, environment, family-friendly and health. Individual rows also indicate which movies you can stream for free and which are included in Netflix or Amazon Prime memberships. A “Coming Soon” row drums up interest in animal-themed movies before they’re released.

VegMovies offers a variety ranging from animal-centric classics like Dumbo and 101 Dalmations to a horror movie called The Farm, in which humans are served for dinner. Documentaries feature prominently, covering subjects like the health hazards of the typical American diet, poaching, the illegal animal trade and a behind-the-scenes look at factory farms.

When viewers click on the thumbnail of a movie, they can see plot summaries and testimonials about the movie left by other people. Viewers also have the opportunity to leave their own testimony after watching each film. Realizing that viewers are probably animal-lovers, VegMovies provides appropriate trigger warnings. Instead of alerting viewers to nudity or profanity, warnings include “shows animals in captivity, a cow attached to a milk machine and animals already dead being processed in a factory” and “dead sharks are shown at a market.”

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