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The “floating” shade structure stretches over 1,000 square meters and it’s supported by a steel frame. An irregular network of steel cables gives shape to the inflated membrane cushion, which is made of the synthetic material ETFE. The durable, lightweight and weather-resistant material allowed the designers to mold the structure into its eye-catching, globular form.

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The architects opted to open the structure in the middle to provide additional daylight, creating a pleasing environment where travelers can congregate as they wait for their bus. Architect Mateja Vehovar explains: “From the beginning, we wanted to create a spatial atmosphere under the roof that resembles a clearing in the woods. In order to greet the passengers in a bright and friendly environment, a very light, diaphanous material was selected.”

+ Vehovar & Jauslin

+ Form TL

Via World Architecture News

Photography by Niklaus Spoerri

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