Here at Inhabitat, we always say that it doesn’t matter how sustainably a garment is made if it doesn’t look good. Think about it – if you make a blouse out of 100% certified organic cotton but it’s fugly and no one buys it, you just wasted energy, money, time and the cotton itself. Luckily, when it comes to having the best of both worlds, Velvet Leaf knows how it’s done. Designers (and sisters) Laura and Becky Carter whip up organic clothing that is part vintage charm, part global nomad, and all sustainably and fairly made. Check out our favorite Velvet Leaf looks (including 2 brand new preview looks from their smart and girly fall collection) in our gallery.

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As you can tell from looking at their clothes, Velvet Leaf derives a lot of inspiration from the ladylike fashions of the 50s and 60s and remixes them with a modern appeal. With today’s style sentiment leaning towards unique cuts and special extras, touches like a mini-capelet and oversized bows give discerning fashionistas a reason to choose these garments over ones that aren’t as eco-friendly for the simple reason that they look better. The shapes are flattering and easy to wear – just pop on a pair of dainty black gloves or oversized Jackie O shades to complete the look.

The moral of the story here is the same as it has always been. Buy things because they are well-designed and make you feel like a million bucks – you’ll keep them for longer, which is the best type of sustainable fashion there is. And if they’re eco-friendly, that is icing on the cake. For designers with eco-conscious lines, make your garb desirable first and foremost and work sustainability in as much as you can. People vote with their dollars and the smartest way to boost green forward in the election is to make it look prettier than the alternatives. Our fedoras off to Velvet Leaf who illustrates the point beautifully.

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