The Vento Door by Akira Yoshimura combines the functionality of magazine rack with the utility of a door, creating something stylish out of the mundane. The inspiration for the Vento door started with the simple desire to create a door that allows a light breeze to flow through the house as if open; the need for additional privacy triggered the idea of a magazine rack.

Alternating perforated pockets allows access to the magazine rack and privacy control from either side of the door. Built out of Birch Plywood, the wooden Vento Door is absolutely gorgeous, with or without the privacy of your favorite periodicals. If you are looking for an alternative to wood (???), the Vento Door also comes in an eco-friendly plastic: Polyethylene, recycled from post-consumer detergent bottles. Please contact Akira Yoshimura for purchase information.

+ Akira Yoshimura