You’ve likely heard of cars powered by electricity, hydrogen, and even solar energy; how about a vehicle powered entirely by the wind? Students at Stuttgart University recently perfected a vehicle propelled by nothing more than three wheels and a 6kw turbine. Created by team InVentus, the vehicle will participate in the world’s first wind-powered vehicle race later this month.

The Ventomobile weighs about 100kg and boasts a propeller measuring 2 meters in diameter. Its turbine-driven design allows it to surmount the engineering hurdles presented by sail-based vehicles and drive straight into the wind. Thus far the Ventomobile has performed admirably in wind tunnel tests and is currently in preparation for it’s grand debut on Augst 23rd, when it will go head-to-head against six other wind-powered vehicles in the Aeolus Race in the Netherlands. Starting in Huisduinen, the race will span three days and will span a stretch of the Der Helder seawall.

+ InVentus

+ Stuttgart University