The insanely-innovative and carbon-neutral French automotive company Venturi has recently announced the production of Eclectic, a solar, wind, and electric-powered vehicle that will make your Prius look like a gas-guzzling Hummer. The zippy little compact auto relies on a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, and electric recharging, making it THE low-consumption, no-emission vehicle on the road.

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Eclectic produces energy from sources that already surround us, combining 2.5 square meters of photovoltaic cells, one or more wind turbines, and NiMH (NIV-7) batteries. Intended for driving in urban areas, it offers a range up to 50 km at a speed of 50 km/h (electronically restricted), while continually producing and storing energy, even when not in use. Eclectic can also be customized with a variety of additional features like a WiFi kit and water-resistant Sony Radio/CD/MP3. Check out all the technical specifications here.

The company defends Eclectic’s glorified golf cart aesthetic, asserting that function dictates the “decidedly original design,” priority being given to the integration of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines. The company declares, “This is not an ordinary car, but an avant-garde way of getting around.” We applaud Venturi for their bold efforts towards providing a new model of transportation in which we as drivers are no longer energy consumers, but producers.

A limited edition of 200 Eclectics will be available beginning June 2007, priced starting at 24,000€, with increased production in 2009.

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