The gorgeous and beastly Veritas RS III Roadster was released just over a year ago, and now Vermont AG is adding a hybrid drive to its V10-powered retro ride. The Hybrid version adds a 105 kilowatt electric motor to the BMW-sourced 507-horsepower V10 engine, producing a cool 600 hp in the new iteration. A full electric version and a coupe are also next up to hit the market.

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The battery pack and electric motor add about 500 pounds to the car, bringing the weight of the car to about 2,821 pounds – still pretty light for a car.  Vermont AG claims that the hybrid can go from 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds, largely because the electric motor gives the front wheels power, making the car an all-wheel drive (that’s .1 seconds faster than its petrol-powered predecessor). The car’s top speed can reach a staggering 205 mph. The Roadster also has an all-electric range of 31 miles before the gas engine kicks in.

Expect the the coupe version of the Veritas this summer, and the all-electric version by 2013.

Via Translogic