Vermilion Sands, temporary installation, green canopy, green installation, hydro-seeding

The installation, which won the Community Choice Prize at Prize at 2015 Core77 Design Awards, was populated with white clover and perennial grass grown in a nursery for thirty days. These plants were then suspended from a grid of aircraft cable on-site, forming an abstract axial structure that functions as a loggia-like entry to the art festival’s grounds and provides shade during the day. At night, the entire structure is illuminated by LED lights and creates dream-like atmosphere. The growth of the plants is enabled through the use of geotextile modular forms, while an integrated system of 150 misting nozzles provides the necessary irrigation.

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In Ballard’s short stories, Vermillion Sands is a fully automated desert resort which produces magical phenomena such as living fashion and cloud sculptures, and the sculpture tries to mediate the disparity between artificial and natural. It paints a picture of a future populated with designs akin to those in Ballard’s stories, where sustainability plays a key role in the shaping of hybrid environments.

+ Matthew Soules Architecture

Via 2015 Core77 Design Awrds