We have seen mobile media players go green by utilizing the wind, the sun and our own muscles, what about when we use those gadgets in our home? Vers Audio has taken on the task to provide our homes with a more sustainable sound, with a more sustainable design. Vers Audio’s Vers 2x uses a sustainably harvested cherry wood veneer, providing your mp3 players with a sleek green home.


The wood that houses the Vers 2x displaces 80% of what would have otherwise been plastic. It also does away with more plastic and glues by exclusively using screws in their production, allowing for easy disassembly and recycling of components. Inside, Vers uses a Class D amplifier for energy-efficiency that doesn’t compromise sound. The Class D also generates less heat.

“Vers is a line of hand crafted real wood sound systems for iPod, iPhone and others, with a lot of thought put toward sustainability, using recycled materials where possible, selecting energy efficient components, eliminating lead, heavy metals and other chemicals,” says Vers founder and Industrial Designer David Laituri.

Each handcrafted Vers 2x takes more than a week to create. And when these sustainable sound systems are ready to ship, Vers uses 100% recycled and recyclable paper for their packaging. While Inhabitat has not been lucky enough to test out one of these beauties, however you can check them out for yourselves to see how good sustainable design sounds.

$149 at Amazon

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