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Bamboo poles are connected together with high tech metal “X” joints to create the exoskeleton of the home. Round platforms serve as the floors, which are accessed by a circular staircase that wraps around a central support member. Wooden slats and glass panels curve up the exterior in a double helix to let in light and encourage ventilation. Finally the whole structure is wrapped in canvas to seal the inside in.

The ground floor serves as the entrance and contains a bathroom and small kitchen and the next three floors are used as bedrooms. Finally the top floor helps distribute heat up and out and serves as extra living space. Saint Val Architect designed the woven vertical residence for Port au Prince, Haiti to aid in the rebuilding efforts with the intention of using local sourced materials. The design was inspired by traditional basket weaving and using natural plant fibers from the local habitat to mold a cocoon shape. While we’re not certain if this is the best fit for Haiti as it is far from their local vernacular, we applaud the concept in general and look forward to seeing one built.