As time goes on, graveyard space is becoming more limited – and Norwegian designer Martin McSherry just proposed plans for a skyscraper cemetery to house the dead. The Royal Danish School of Architecture student created the vertical graveyard to provide a solution to the growing demand for burial space in Norway. The tower is encased within a metal exoskeleton and it has graveyards on every floor that provide space for eternal rest in the sprawling urban sky.

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Finding space to bury the dead is an age-old problem – in the past, people turned to catacombs and necropolises. McSherry’s vertical graveyard could offer a solution for countries like Norway, where graveyard space is running out. The design is an entry in a contest launched by the Nordic Association for Graveyards and Crematoria last year to develop innovative solutions to providing future burial space.

McSherry’s modern design blends in seamlessly with the urban landscape, appearing like any other downtown skyscraper. The vertical graveyard is topped with a permanent crane, so more and more floors can be added as needed. Each floor would be dedicated to a specific religion and would offer address the need for different customs.

Although McSherry’s design didn’t win, the flexible high-rise could have a place in the future as cemetery plots fill up. It gives new meaning to the idea of a final resting place in the sky.

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