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Reflecting the four major cultures of Mumbai, the cemetery would have dedicated facilities for the burial ceremonies of each. For Muslims and Christians, areas for funerals and space for garden burial would be provided. Facilities for cremation and a river to deposit a portion of the remains would be available for Muslims. And for Parsis, a tower of silence would be located on the roof. The tower would also have plenty of spaces for worship, prayer, and meditation as well as parks for the public.

Aside from the greenery within the tower, its innovative facade is also filled with vegetation. A multi-layered skin consisting of an outer skin, glazing, plants, woven material and a steel frame would line the tower, absorbing heat and CO2. Moksha Tower will also aim to adopt new technologies that avoid open burning or cremation in order to decrease urban pollution.

Via Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Images: Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat