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Vertical Harvest is a three-story indoor vertical garden with 12,995 sq ft of growing space. The site of the garden is located on an unused parcel of land on the south side of a parking garage in Jackson. Owned by the city, the parcel will be rented to the organization for $1 per year. E/Ye Design has come up with the plan for the garden, which will have a ground floor open to the public and two hydroponic growing floors on top. The top floor will grow tomatoes all year long and the facility will also grow a variety of other fruits and veggies.

The urban garden was initiated via a project by Slow Food in the Tetons, and then separated to become its own L3C – a hybrid entity that is considered to be a ‘for profit with a nonprofit soul’. The organization will also employ and train citizens with disabilities to operate the greenhouse. Currently, Vertical Harvest is raising funds for operations and securing a grant to build the facility. Eventually, the group hopes to replicate the model in other communities around the world.

We think if they can pull it off in a ski town, then they can do it anywhere.

Images ©E/Ye Design, Vertical Harvest and SelkoPhoto