Influx Studio has proposed a crazy plan that launches the traditional zoo far into the future. Submitted for consideration to the city of Buenos Aires, the project was inspired by wildlife safaris in which visitors drive around to free-roaming animals — except it takes the concept to its vertical limit. Influx combines the safari with the city with a futuristic animal skyscraper that joins the urban skyline.

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Mesh a modern observation-style ferris wheel (think: London Eye) with the skyscraper, then throw in some animals – and there you have it. Visitors to the vertical zoo would commandeer the wheel’s pods. As the wheel turns in the sky, visitors are taken to various levels where animals reside, up to 240 meters in the sky. Proposed for a site on the edge of Puerto Madero’s Reserve waterfront park, the park would allow visitors to lions while taking in an aerial view of beautiful Buenos Aires.

Unlike a ferris wheel, the zoo’s observation wheel will turn at an incredibly slow speed – taking 30 minutes to cover a half circuit. The top of the skyscraper is home to a resting point, where visitors can take a break from the wheel, have a snack in the café, or purchase a skyscraper zoo t-shirt in the gift shop.

Influx Studio hopes that the combination skyscraper/zoo/ferris wheel will inspire visitors, to take action benefitting wildlife and ecosystems. We just hope that the king of the jungle isn’t afraid of heights.

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Via Archi Scene