In the ever-expanding metropolis of Mexico City, green space is hard to come by. An estimated population of 22 million inhabitants bears an impressive weight on the Valley of Mexico and, in recent years, architects and urbanists have been examining solutions to combat the thickening smog. This stunning Vertical Park by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza could infuse the city with much-needed green space in the form of a modular skyscraper made up of a series of stacking units. The solar-powered structure would contain sky-gardens in addition to spaces for living and working, and recycle all of its own water.

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Each module of the Vertical Park can be configured to provide space for public and private use, water and solar collection, and urban farming. This would allow for flexibility in design, size, and location – including the potential for relocation throughout the city or the world. The Vertical Park’s steel frame would support solar panels used to power the building’s diverse functions and allow wind to pass through the structure on warm days.

+ Hernandez de la Garza

Via Plataforma Arquitectura