Vibrazioni’s repurposed oil barrel furniture sits on the fine line between art and design while making a poetic comment on the current oil crisis. Designed by Alberto Dassasso, the line of chairs, stools, tables, and lamps are made from discarded industrial barrels that are used in different industrial sectors ranging from petrochemicals to food. Looking at the collection’s rough-and-ready features, it’s not difficult to imagine the barrels´ previous lives spent traveling the high seas, being left outside in the rain, and getting a few knocks while being transported along bumpy roads.

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The fact that the furniture has been made from cutting, welding and riveting different brand´s barrels, make each piece unique. The scratches, dents, marks, and bold brand colors, provide each piece with its own unique personality. Designed for durability, visual impact, and to spark dialogue about replacing black gold with more sustainable energy sources, the collection of rusty metal lights and seats are sure to make an impression whether they’re featured in a garden or a postmodern interior space.

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Photo © Vibrazioni