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The rear facade of the De Beauvoir Road home juts out in oak-clad curves that wind their way down the back of the property. The curves create a sloping eave that extends from a door in the back of the home, and the grassy knoll above the subterranean extension blooms with wildflowers. Beneath the man-made hill is a sweeping dining and living area lined with cool limestone flooring, exposed brickwork and pine floorboards.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls open out onto the family yard and flood the extension with natural light. The interior of the extension has a fluid feel, with cool white curvilinear walls that envelope the new family dining room. The extension meets the original architecture with glass skylights and vertical panes, bringing more natural light into the home. The extension also takes advantage of energy-efficient building systems, including low-energy lighting, underfloor heating, and a high-efficiency boiler.

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