Incredibly intelligent, empathetic, and just gorgeous to admire, elephants form close friendship bonds with those around them, and have strong connections with their family members. Their babies are also ridiculously cute, especially when they’re exploring the world around them. This little guy is jumping in the ocean for the first time in his life, and you can see the sheer amount of joy he’s experiencing. Do you remember the first time you played in the sea? Elephants are so much like us, and this beautiful video is a perfect example of the kinship we share with them.

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Here on Inhabitat, we often try to bring attention to the plight of animals that are being mistreated, and there have been a lot of sad stories about elephantsover the past couple of years. Although they’re still on the World Wildlife Fund’s endangered species list, and are still being hunted for both sport as well as for their body parts, there are some wonderful conservation efforts underway to protect and care forthese magnificent creatures. If you’re interested in helping to protect elephants and ensure their future survival, please consider donating to one of the organizations that’s dedicated to their conservation and care.

+ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

+ World Wildlife Fund – Elephants

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