If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to soar like a superhero and you’ve got $6,600 to spare, you are in luck – the inventive minds over at Zapata Racing have invented a pair of water-propelled rocket boots that they call the Flyboard. Though the boots are actually powered by a jet ski that floats behind you attached to a giant tube, if you’re running your jet ski on biofuel you’ve got a pretty green flying machine on your hands. Check out a video of the totally amazing water-defying feats after the jump!

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Though the water-powered jet pack that we reported on awhile ago seems fun, these boots let you do so much more than fly upwards away from the water in a straight line. From the looks of the demonstration video, you transform from a land-standing human to a porpoise the minute you strap the device to your feet. The bendier your body, the cooler your tricks can be.

All you need is a jet ski with a 100 horsepower engine or better — and the cash to buy the Flyboard. For an extra $1,200 you can buy an attachment that allows you to soar without the jet ski being towed behind you. The group doesn’t say how that extra attachment is powered — we’re thinking it might have an electric battery attached — but with a few adjustments this could be a totally green adventure.

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