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Architecture for Humanity is network of over 40,000 design professionals around the world who donate their services to helping to improve lives of people in need. Every year they build buildings and create infrastructure for tens of thousands of people who can’t afford the assistance of a designer. This year the organization is lending their hand to reconstructing earthquake ravaged Haiti in the safest way possible. With courses for Haitian professionals, assistance in building schools and a manual for how to rebuild in a disaster-proof way, Architecture for Humanity is helping Haitians — and people around the world — learn how to construct for the future.

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Architecture for Humanity was created in 1999 in New York City by Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr. They believe that everyone is entitled to safe, environmentally friendly, practical, affordable design and their organization strives to source assistance from their impressive design community to help build infrastructure in developing communities and disaster-stricken areas. In 2007 Architecture for Humanity launched the Open Architecture network, a database of photographs, construction information and CAD files of all of their finished or in-progress projects. The information is free and available to anyone that needs it. The database it made up of thousands of projects ranging from single family homes to large community centers.

Architecture for Humanity designs in countries around the world as well as at home in the United States. They’ve been heavily involved in rebuilding homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Biloxi Model Home Project has surveyed and assessed the best way to rebuild the Gulf Coast. They are currently in the midst of a pilot program and have built 7 hurricane resistant homes. Throughout all of their projects Architecture for Humanity strives to put the power of knowledge in the hands of their clients, they involve them in the design and construction process and make sure to create a finished product that will be perfect for their needs. They strive also to always keep sustainable building practices at the forefront of their missions and are helping to spread the idea of environmentally friendly structures around the world.

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