Biking is an awesome way to get around because it helps the planet, saves you money and improves your health at the same time. Awesome, that is, until you encounter a monster hill. Then biking can swiftly turn into a nightmare. Norway is solving the problem with the world’s first bike escalator.

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For those who are out of shape, suffer from health issues or people who are older, massive hills can be the deal breaker for a bike commute. Norway wanted to make commuting easier for everyone, so they installed what is called the CycloCable – formerly called the Trampe. To use it, a biker rides up to the station at the base of the hill and then places a foot on top of a plate which pushes the bike and rider up the hill.

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According to ZME Science, it’s the only outdoor bike escalator in operation, but it could be implemented across the planet. Imagine how many more people could bike around San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle if they didn’t have to confront insane climbs on the way to work. It may be a hard sell, though, because one meter costs $2,000 – 3,000 dollars to build.

Via ZME Science

Image via Creative Commons