Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame) and Peter Glatzer (a veteran film producer) founded, a sustainable site that brings together Grenier and Glatzer’s background in film with their passion for the environmental movement. We had a chance to talk to the pair about melding these two worlds together, how their unique vision adds to the sustainable movement, and how great design can make green even better. Stay tuned to the end of the video to find out what green gadgets Grenier and Glatzer just couldn’t get enough of this year.

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Grenier and Glatzer, quite the star pair themselves, have rounded up some huge names to back their web-cause — they’ve got Arianna Huffington of AOL and the Huffington Post Media Group, Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farms among their advisors. The pair have focused their efforts on many things but have made a lot of headway in the video world, most recently producing a series of shorts about young farmers.

Outside of SHFT the two have worked together for Discovery’s Planet Green on the TV show Alter Eco where they ventured deep into the sustainable world while renovating an old house in Los Angeles. It was on the set of Alter Eco that they honed their green messaging skills and now bring those thoughts and that energy into their work on SHFT.