Here’s something I saw quite a while ago at a consumer electronics show, but I thought it deserved a mention on Inhabitat ? mainly because its such a great idea to merge two disparate home electronics devices into a united function. MIT engineering students have combined exercise equipment with video games in a project called Cyclescore. If you are going to peddle away on an exercise bike inside your house, you might as well be getting a mental workout as well, right? In Cyclescore’s creation, the motion of your peddling powers the videogame, so you have an incentive to work hard on your workout. There are game controllers in both the peddles and the handle bars. I think this idea is great because it combines the best elements of physical activity with the mental stimulation of video game playing. With the potential of hybrid devices like this, no longer does gaming have to mean sitting motionless for hours at a time, and going to the gym doesn’t have to be so boring.

The game’s creators originally made the video game about bike riding and then decided that this was too literal. The latest prototype (which I got to try out) incorporates an Atari-style alien shooting game.