Living in New York City, I often feel like I’m lacking nature in my life. Lucky for me, however I recently got offered the opportunity to go on an “animal adventure roulette” by Subaru to check out some local fauna in the New York City area, with my 5-year-old son Petey. Our first destination? Ambika Conroy’s Compassionate Bunny Fur Farm in upstate New York with 18 angora rabbits, where owner Ambika makes amazingly soft, warm, fur-like winter accessories like scarves, hats and sweaters sans cruelty by brushing her adorable pet rabbits! We also made a stop at a surprise destination to howl with some wild New York wolves. Watch the video here, to see what the wolves have to say to Inhabitat readers!



This adventure was proudly made possible by Subaru. Find yours today.

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